How to sew knits without a serger

How to sew knits without a serger

It never ceases to amaze me how scared seamstresses can be of sewing with knit fabrics, even those that have been sewing for years and years avoid them like the plague.

Although sewing with knits is certainly a bit different, it doesn't have to be hard, and you don't need any special machinery (nope not even an overlocker/serger). You just need a few different settings on your sewing machine and a bit of practice!

But if you are new to sewing with knits, let me walk you through the basics of knit sewing, from setting your machine up to sew knit seams, through hems, bands, bindings and elastics.  A whole world of knit sewing patterns will be opened up to you after you master these basics.






So now you have all the info to get sewing with knits. If you have a go at sewing up one of our patterns, I would love to see, so be sure to grab some pics and hashtag them #threadfaction


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