Zero Waste Pleated Skirt to Skort Hack

Zero Waste Pleated Skirt to Skort Hack

We are celebrating the launch of the Zero Waste Pleated Skirt pattern this week, and as a part of that I wanted to share with you one of the ways we are rocking the new pattern at our place.

The kiddos school uniform guidelines call for black shorts or skort, so we have mashed the Zero Waste Pleated Skirt Pattern with the On The Court Skort pattern to create the perfect thing. This Short has been on solid rotation since I made it, so it must be a winner!

Adding knit shorts to the Zero Waste Pleated Skirt pattern
We used the On The Court Skort pattern for this mash up, but as we just used the shorts pattern piece, you can use any tight shorts pattern designed to have a waistband attached.
Untitled design (25).jpg

Starting with the shorts, take your pattern piece, and add a little length in the rise (up to 2cm or so) as shown. This will stop the shorts from dragging the waistband of the finished skort down. Then construct the shorts as per the instructions in the On The Court Skort pattern.


Untitled design (26).jpg
Next, construct the Zero Waste Pleated Skirt pattern up to the point where the zip is installed and the other side seam has been sewn.

Untitled design (27).jpg

Cut down the side of the shorts that lines up with the zip, lining the top of the shorts with the top of the skirt and cutting down to the bottom of the zip opening.
Place the shorts inside the skirt (with everything right side out), and line up the cut you made with the zip opening.
Untitled design (28).jpg
Fold under 6mm (1/4") along the cut edge of the shorts and pin the folded edge to the zip tape along each side of the zip opening.
Hand stitch the folded edge of the shorts to the zip tape down each side of the zip opening being sure to just catch the zip tape in your stitches and not going through all layers of the skirt.
Untitled design (29).jpg
With your skirt and shorts now attached at the zip, stretch the shorts waistline evenly to fit the skirt waistline. Make sure you line up the center front and center back and the other side seam.
Baste the skirt to the shorts around the waistline inside the seam allowance.
Continue with the rest of the skirt pattern, attaching the waistband as per the instructions.
Hope this helps you out and you have some fun making some skorts!
Thanks for reading
 - Liz

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