About Thread Faction Studio

 Hi, my name is Liz and Thread Faction Studio is my little world. I do everything here, chief cook and bottle washer as it were, so everything you see here was designed drafted and made by me!

I have always loved to make things, and once I learned to sew at around age six there was no stopping me. I sewed up doll and teddy clothes as a child, and then bags, costumes, and all my best outfits as a teen. I did a range of jobs as a young adult, worked in real estate, owned a beauty salon, and would you believe, I was even a water sports instructor for a while. Once I had my first kiddo though, my sewing took front seat again and I began designing and manufacturing a range of cloth nappies (diapers). Cloth nappies led to cloth nappy friendly clothes and then the patterns for those clothes and here we are.

I design all sorts of kids’ clothes now, and even some limited adult patterns when the mood strikes. But you can still find those first cloth nappy friendly patterns in our shop, and I can’t believe the kiddo I originally designed them for is in high school now!

I spend five precious hours each day in my studio (between school drop off and pick up), drafting, sewing, photographing, and writing instructions and it is just the best! Thread Faction patterns are for the makers, for adults (and probably a fair few kiddos and teens if they are anything like I was) who want to make things for themselves and the awesome, cool kiddos they care about. I make my patterns so that they are very beginner friendly, taking you step by step through all the basics with lots of pictures and diagrams. If you can follow a recipe you can sew one of our patterns. Let’s make a thing!