2021 Zero Waste Mini Collection Blog Tour [ZW Basic Blouse Dress Hack]

2021 Zero Waste Mini Collection Blog Tour [ZW Basic Blouse Dress Hack]

Welcome back to the 2021 Zero Waste Mini Collection Blog Tour. It is day 3 today with more great makes, pattern hacks and giveaways. Scroll to the bottom of the post for the rest of the awesome lineup.

I am dropping in each day of the tour with hacks for the patterns in the collection, and todays hack is adding a gathered skirt to The Zero Waste Basic Blouse.

This is a super simple one, but gives you one more option for your pattern, more bang for your buck so to speak, so lets get to it.

How to get this look:

Cut the pattern pieces for the blouse as per the The Zero Waste Basic Blouse pattern. In addition, cut 2 skirt pieces half the height of the blouse (shoulder to hem) and 1.5 times the width.

Construct the blouse as directed in the pattern, but do not sew the bottom hem.

Take the 2 skirt pieces and sew them together at the side seams creating a loop.

Sew a double turn hem around the bottom edge of your skirt. You can do this later, but I find it easier to sew the hem before the skirt is gathered.
Gather the skirt:
  1. Sew a long basting stitch around the top of the skirt. Do not backstitch at the beginning or end of your basting stitches, and leave a thread tail of at least 3 inches on each end of your basting stitches.
  2. On one end pull the needle thread though to the back of the fabric and then tie it securely to the bobbin thread.
  3. On the other end of your basting stitches gently pull on your bobbin thread gathering up the fabric until the opening at the top of the skirt is the same as that of the bottom of the blouse.
  4. Pull the needle thread on the remaining end of the basting through to the wrong side of the fabric and secure it to the bobbin thread.
  5. Trim any excess thread tails and distribute your gathers evenly around the top of the skirt.

With the blouse right side out, and the skirt inside out, put the blouse inside the skirt and line up the gathered edge of the skirt with the bottom hem of the blouse. Pin the two together well, lining up the side seams and distributing the gathers evenly.

 Sew the blouse and skirt together, and finish the seam allowance with a serger or zigzag stitch.

  Flip everything right side out, give it a good press and there you have it. 

If you have a go at changing up your ZW Basic Blouse, I would love to see, so be sure to grab some pics and hashtag them #threadfaction 

And check out the rest of the tour:

The entire site is on sale for 30% OFF for the duration of the tour, so if you see something you like make sure you grab it before the sale ends on Tuesday.


Enjoy the rest of the tour, see you tomorrow

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