2021 Zero Waste Mini Collection Blog Tour [ZW Joggers shorts hack]

2021 Zero Waste Mini Collection Blog Tour [ZW Joggers shorts hack]

Welcome back to the 2021 Zero Waste Mini Collection Blog Tour. It is the last day of the tour today with the last of the great makes, pattern hacks and giveaways. Scroll to the bottom of the post for the rest of the awesome lineup for today and from the rest of this week.

I have dropped in each day of the tour with hacks for the patterns in the collection, and the last hack of the week is sewing up some cute summer shorts from the Zero Waste Joggers.



Such a simple alteration, it was not included in the original pattern as the change makes the layout low waste, instead of zero waste, but it is absolutely hack-worthy!

To make yourself a pair of these, you will just make a few changes to the pattern pieces and then sew them up exactly as the pattern describes. You can even include the pockets and the waist tie, although I have omitted them as these will be pajama shorts.


How to do it:

  • The first thing to do is to decide the length you would like for your inseam. For reference, these are a size 6 and this is a 7.5cm (3") inseam. My daughter, although being size 6 in width, has size 9 length legs so that is why there is so much leg still visible :)

  • Then measure down from the crotch of the pants on your pattern piece your new inseam length plus 1.5cm (3/8") mark a line straight across for your new pattern piece.
  • For your gusset piece, measure up from the bottom your new inseam length plus 3.5cm (1 3/8") and mark a line straight across for your new pattern piece. Trace a second copy of the gusset piece and join hem together end to end for the full gusset piece this will avoid a center seam in the crotch on the gusset piece.
  • These measurements include a 2.5cm (1") hem allowance.

  • There you have your new pattern pieces. You can use the same pocket piece that is included in the pattern, although depending on the inseam length you have chosen you may need to shorten them a bit so that the pockets don't stick out the bottom of your shorts.
  • Cut your new pattern pieces and sew up some fabulous shorts!


After a grueling pattern collection launch and blog tour my little models are all modeled out so I only got a few pics of these, but they are adorable and will definitely be in the rotation when summer comes around again for us this year.

If you have a go at changing up your ZW Joggers, I would love to see, so be sure to grab some pics and hashtag them #threadfaction 

And check out the rest of the tour:


The entire site is on sale for 30% OFF for the duration of the tour, so if you see something you like make sure you grab it before the sale ends tomorrow.


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